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Neck pain and muscle weakness/imbalance resulting from:

  • Auto Accidents (Whiplash)
  • Work Related Injury
  • Sports Injury
  • Forward Head Posture
  • Cervical subluxation and/or arthritis
  • Injury Prevention
  • Esthetic Sculpturing of the Neck


The Nexercisertm is a user controlled exercise device designed specifically for the neck, allowing for isometric exercise in all vectors of motion produced by the cervical spine.  The Nexercisertm can be used on any flat surface by anyone, at any time, anywhere (office, home, gym, etc.).  The Nexercisertm has been proven to be an effective means of detecting and correcting neck muscle weakness or imbalance as was shown in a study an NYU.  The Nex-Stop allows for computerized integration, producing printed documentation of neck muscle function to include baseline strength in all vectors, muscle balance and rehab progress as well as injury prevention.  This system has a Co-efficient of Variation (CV) reducing the ability to “manage” the test.  Daily progress charts are available for documenting and monitoring each exercise session, ie; dates of exercise, type and quantity of resistance, evaluation and re-evaluation dates, etc….

The  NEX-Stop is a computerized station that produces the results of isometric testing of the cervical spine musculature in all vectors of motion (flex, ext, right and left lateral flexion).  The subject, depending on the goal of data collection, can be an athlete, a worker, or an accident victim, all in need of objective data for proper neck rehab.  The chair allows for muscle isolation of the cervical spine with minimal accessory recruitment or substitution.  There are three trials in each position ensuring consistent effort between each trial, as well as a Co-efficient of Variation figured in to each trial to assure a valid effort (18% NIOSH).  Maximal isometric effort should not be attempted until several daily sessions of moderate isometrics are performed