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Practitioner’s Corner

It is recommended that the practitioner be sure to master the Nexercisertm prior to prescribing its use to patients for neck health.  The practitioner must also insure that the patient has been given thorough instructions about the uses of the Nexercisertm.

Coding and Billing:

Managing the Nexercisertm through the utilization of proper CPT and ICD-9 codes will insure a profit from every Nexercisertm ordered.  The monetary management is a three-tier process.  The profit margin depends of the patient’s ability to pay, insurance CPT code applications, and, if the product is sold, coverage of durable goods.

Tier I: CPT coding for therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activity, neuro rehab, etc. will result in the Nexercisertm paying for itself in half a day (based on a 3 to 5 patient utilization).  Also, in office coding for muscle testing without report or if you have the NEX-Stop, computerized muscle testing with printed report.

Tier II: Out of office utilization (leasing) has its own CPT code for a continuation of a home exercise program.  This tier also includes the retail sale ($250.00) depending on coverage of durable goods. Most comp & PI will compensate.

Tier III:  Many patients in need of the Nexercisertm as part of their rehab have junior athletes at home who are putting their “necks of the line” in contact sports.  Once the patient has mastered the technique of “nexercising”, have them bring their offspring in for a postural check and instruction with the Nexercisertm to strengthen and balance the muscles of their vulnerable necks.