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Muscle training is an important therapeutic technique in the treatment of joint injuries.  It is well known that muscle training proceeds safely and efficiently when exercise occurs at some predetermined fraction of an individual’s maximum strength.

The applicability of this principle to exercise, evaluate and rehabilitate the muscles of the cervical spine has been hampered by the lack of an easy and effective method of providing feedback related to  the forces generated by the  muscles of the cervical spine.

These limitations provided the impetus to design the Nexercisertm.  The device is essentially a self-inflating sphere containing a connection to a pressure gauge (to provide visual feedback related to the forces generated by the muscles of the cervical spine during a variety of exercises) and a hand pump to adjust baseline internal pressure.


Scientific research at NYU demonstrated regular “Nexercising” produces:

  • Marked increase in neck muscle forces in all vectors
  • Muscle imbalance detection and correction
  • Probable increase in neck muscle endurance
  • Subjective decrease in neck muscle tension